Make your company agile


We’ve met many companies who have wondered, how to actually apply Agile to their company. Whether they have understood, that Agile means a change in values as well as perspective, all of them have seen the tremendous change that Agile methodologies brought to software development. All the while, the knowledge about the true drivers of change has been

“Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”

Peter Drucker

How we help

Based on an Agile Assessment, we determine, which capabilities your organization needs, and give you recommendations on how to acquire them. Depending on the need, those could be trainings, workshops, tools or e-Learning content.

Formats of support

We can do workshops with your leadership, e.g. structured agile leadership trainings, guide you in implementing an agile goal setting framework (e.g. OKRs) and train your employees to use them effectively. We also facilitate agile meetings, so you can focus on the content.


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