The Set up

Our Clean Code Trainings significantly increase the productivity and profitability of your developers. We achieve this relying on three important components:

Excellent coders that are passionate coaches

We rely on coaches, that have years and sometimes decades of experience. They have the practice of delivering outstanding software while prioritising their teams’ performance.

A battle-proven curriculum

An universal curriculum, tailored to the needs of your developers. It contains the most critical principles and practices for modern software engineering, that most developers have not learned (or trained) structurally.

Delivery that maximises business impact

Due to the setting, we also train patterns of positive collaboration and communication. We continuously pair developers, and focus on sustainable learnings through structured reflections of the lessons learned.

The Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of about 40 principles and practices of modern software engineering. For one half of a workday, we focus on a subset of principles and practices alternating.

The Setting

The Setting

Our training is all about maximising your impact. That’s why we send our coaches to you for an in-house in-person training for small groups (of 10 developers).

In the training sessions, participants will pair on problems, with guidance. Doing so, their communication and collaboration will get better.

This setting favors both: juniors and seniors. While juniors mostly learn about the content and communication, seniors also learn how to effectively teach themselves.

The Price

Letting us train your developers will cost you roughly one net salary. On the flip-side we estimate, that you will get a return of half a year in profitability over the time you employ that developer.

Currently we offer an early bird price of 3,000 € per person. This will continue to rise up to 5,000 € per person, get in touch here.