Clean Code Culture was founded in the spring of 2019 in Berlin to help tech companies train their developers to a significantly higher standard. By being more productive, they also increase the company’s profitability. Trainings happen in-house, in-person over the course of several weeks.

This mission was kicked off by the sole founder, but is supported by a board of advisors, a host of coaches and the power of the community.


Ronald Brachetti
Founder, CEO

Ronald started his career as a freelance software engineer (and photo journalist 😉 ). Over the next decade he helped dozens of tech companies in various roles, including project lead, tech project manager, agile coach and top management consultant.

After working with and at Digital/McKinsey for 2.5 years, he took the learnings from the last decade and created a company to deliver software excellence, but now as a service.

Sarah Ticona

Sarah studied economics, cultural science and architecture. Her long held additional interest in systems, learning and team building makes her proficient in integrating also at times contradicting perspectives into one project.

After working as an architect, she now builds up the clean culture department.




We are happy to be supported by a group of awesome people in an advisory role.


Clean Code Culture is a proud graduate company from the Spring 2019 cohort at the Founder Institute in Berlin. For more information about the Founder Institute, see their website.


  • September, 2016 – The idea is born at the SoCraTes Germany conference to help companies with finding and retaining technical talent by establishing a structured developer community
  • November, 2018 – After many blueprint drafts, the decision is made to turn the idea into an actual companies
  • December, 2018 – First validation of the concept
  • December, 2018 – Ronald joined the current semester of the Founder Institute to structurally develop the concept into an actual business
  • April, 2019 – The company is founded and alive, with the first client on board. Clean Code Culture is profitable from day 1.
  • April, 4th, 2019 – Clean Code Culture graduates from the Spring semester of the Founder Institute